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Remo supplies drumheads for various drum companies including Tama,Pearl, DW Drums, Yamaha, Mapex, Pork Pie Percussion and Sonor. Remo has factories in the USA and in Taiwan.The “Encore” series are made in Taiwan and “USA” versions are made in USA. Innovations were clear drumheads, two-ply drumheads (for added durability and depth), and simulated natural drumheads with a product called “FIBERSKYN”, which is currently on its third version.

Ambassador / Vintage A / Ambassador X
Ambassador Hazy
Diplomat Hazy
Controlled Sound / Controlled Sound X
Emperor / Emperor X / Vintage Emperor
Smooth White
Suede / Black Suede
Powerstroke 3 / Powerstroke 4 
Powerstroke X 
Powerstroke Pro


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