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About Musicians Cart

The desire to do justice to the ever-growing needs of Musicians from all over the country and making all the leading Brands available, gave birth to the concept store MUSICIAN’S MALL.

Established in October 2007 under the leadership of Mukesh Bhargava, having an experience of over 3 decades in distribution and then retailing. Launching many of the top brands and creating their awareness was the most important issue on our mind.

Over the years MUSICIAN’S MALL has introduced leading brands such as Fender, Ibanez, Cort, B.C. Rich, Pluto, D’Addario, Dunlop, Gator, Tama, Basix, Remo, Vic Firth, Sabian, Paiste, Line 6, EMG, Di Marzio, Conn – Selmer and many more. U name it V have them!!!

The store also deals in many other brands such as Marshall, Vox, Korg, Roland, Zoom, Boss , Hohner, Ovation, Epiphone. Having received such a positive response has further induced us to start our online store www.musiciansmall.in under the able guidance of Mr. Rajesh Khanna, please visit the same. We would be more than pleased to receive your feedback to make the website more user friendly.


Mobile number: 09322279249

Whatsapp number : 09820130796

EMAIL ID : info@musiciansmall.in  /  rajesh.musiciansmall@gmail.com

Musician’s Mall has now launched the Pre-tuned Fibreglass Doumbeks with Remo heads used for Drum Circles and various events. These Doumbeks have been launched under the able guidance of Mr.Roberto Narain. We would also be introducing Remo Percussions with the help of world renowned percussionist Mr. Taufiq Qureshi.

Musician’s Mall proudly presents Copper & Aluminium Darbukas from Turkey in various designs.

We commenced our business operations in the US in March 2014. The store deals primarily in Indian Musical Instruments. With our reputation and support the store in Berkeley will offer great quality instruments to everyone.https://www.musiciansmallusa.com/about-musicians-mall/

We look forward to receiving your support.

Yours sincerely,

Rajesh Khanna