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Apogee BOOM 2×2 Desktop USB Type-C Audio Interface


Buy at www.musicianscart.com Apogee BOOM 2×2 Desktop USB Type-C Audio Interface,Onboard Processing (EQ, Compression, Drive),Legendary Apogee conversion,Studio-grade Headphone Amp,iOS Mac & Windows Compatible,2×2 Desktop USB Type-C Audio Interface,Best-in-class Apogee conversion and mic preamp technology,Bus powered,Up to 24 bit / 192kHz recording,Low profile design with aluminum body,On-board hardware DSP for low-latency recording with Apogee FX,1x ¼” Instrument input,1x Combi mic/line/instrument input,2x ¼” Balanced outputs,1/4” Headphone output

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Apogee BOOM 2×2 Desktop USB Type-C Audio Interface


Ready to start recording music like a pro? BOOM features legendary Apogee sound quality and onboard DSP so you can engineer your own projects, at the most affordable price ever.

Onboard Processing (EQ, Compression, Drive)
Legendary Apogee conversion
Studio-grade Headphone Amp
iOS, Mac, & Windows Compatible

Rise Above the Noise

Rise Above the Noise
BOOM’s preamp can power the most demanding mics with up to 62dB of clean, noiseless gain — letting your tracks stand out.

Listen in Hi-Fi

Listen in Hi-Fi
BOOM’s studio-grade headphone amp and DAC will power anything from in-ear monitors to high impedance headphones with clarity, dynamics, and a balanced frequency response.

Build The Perfect Stream

Build The Perfect Stream
Using the Apogee Control mixer, you can blend and tune your analog inputs with audio from Twitch, Spotify playlists, your DAW, and more – all at the same time.

Rich Analog Tone

Rich Analog Tone
Add the warmth and grit of analog gear to your voice and instruments while you record with Symphony ECS Channel Strip. This onboard DSP FX plugin offers 3-band EQ, drive, and a compressor tuned by legendary mix engineer, Bob Clearmountain.

Best-in-class Apogee conversion and mic preamp technology
Bus powered
Up to 24 bit / 192kHz recording
Low profile design with aluminum body
On-board hardware DSP for low-latency recording with Apogee FX
1x ¼” Instrument input
1x Combi mic/line/instrument input
2x ¼” Balanced outputs
1/4” Headphone output

macOS: 10.15 and later
iOS / iPad OS: 15 and later*
PC: Windows 10 Anniversary update or later
*All iPads with an USB-C port are compatible with BOOM.
Devices with a Lightning port require the camera connection kit and a powered USB-A hub.

Bundled Software
Ableton Live Lite free
Receive an Apogee web store coupon for 50% off any Apogee plugin or plugin bundle
Exclusive 60 day plugin trial from Neural DSP
*All offers require registration of new BOOM on Apogee website

In The Box
USB Type C / Type A cable


EIN: 123dB (a-weighted) @ 62dB, 150 Ohm input
Max Input Level: +18dBu
Input Impedance: 2.4KOhm

Max input level: 14dBu
Input Impedance: 3.2kOhm (Pad on), 1MOhm (Pad off)

Max input level +4dBu: +18dBu
Max input level (-10dBV ref): +6dBV
Input impedance: 6.4KOhm
Freq resp 20 Hz -20Khz: > +/-0.2dB (@44.1Khz)
Rel. THD + N: -101dB
Dyn. Range: 122dB (A-weighted)

Max output level (+4dBu ref): +15dBu
Line output impedance: 100 Ohm
Freq resp 20Hz -20 Khz: > +/- 0.05dB
Rel. THD+N : -107dB
Dyn Range: 114dB (A-weighted)

Max output level headphones: 15dBu / 240mW@ 32 ohms
Headphone output impedance 0.5 Ohm
Freq resp 20Hz -20 Khz: > +/- 0.05dB
Rel. THD+N : -107dB
Dyn Range: 114dB (A-weighted)

Weight: 2lbs. / 0.95 kg
Dimensions: 8.85” x 7” x 3.54” / 22.5cm x 18cm x 9cm



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