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Cort KX700 EverTune OPBK Open Pore Black Ebony Fingerboard KX Series Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag


Buy at www.musicianscart.com Cort KX700 EverTune OPBK Open Pore Black Ebony Fingerboard KX Series Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag,Ash Top on Mahogany Body,Seymour Duncan Sentient & Nazgûl Humbucker Set,1 Volume & 1 Tone, 3 Way Selector,EverTune Bridge,New Body Contour,Stainless Steel Frets,Ebony Fingerboard,5pcs Maple & Walnut Neck,Spoke Nut Hotrod Trussrod,Luminlay Side Dots,Cort Staggered Locking Tuners,’Next Gen’ Cort Logo,24 Stainless Steel Frets.

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Cort KX700 EverTune OPBK Open Pore Black Ebony Fingerboard KX Series Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag

OPB :Open Pore Black

KX700 EverTune
For over two decades, the KX Series has represented the most exciting and aggressive side of Cort’s guitar lineup with sleek stylish looks, unique features, and determination to explore into the realm of extreme guitars. The KX700 EverTune is the most daring KX Series guitar yet, with completely redesigned body contour for a more aggressive and organic look, Seymour Duncan Sentient & Nazgul Humbucker set for that center- of-the-earth growl, and EverTune bridge system for maximum tuning stability.


Ash Top on Mahogany Body

Ash Top on Mahogany Body
The combination of the ash top on the mahogany body ensures a great balance between warm yet full sounding lows and bright and transparent highs, not to mention beautiful wood grain of the ash top for a more natural organic aesthetic.

Seymour Duncan Sentient & Nazgûl Humbucker Set

Seymour Duncan Sentient & Nazgûl Humbucker Set
Take your guitar to the center of the earth with the Nazgûl and Sentient high output passive humbucker pickups. The Nazgûl combines a large ceramic magnet with custom winding specs resulting in a perfect blend of note articulation, saturation, pick attack, and one of the most brutal “chugs” you’ll ever hear from a humbucker. The Sentient neck delivers a balanced, versatile tone with pristine cleans and fluid leads under high gain.

1 Volume & 1 Tone 3 Way Selector

1 Volume & 1 Tone, 3 Way Selector
Sometimes simplicity is all that a player needs to get the musical point across. One volume pot and one tone pot with 3-way pickup selector keeps it clean and simple and allows the player to focus on the music.

EverTune Bridge

EverTune Bridge
The EverTune is a revolutionary, patented, all-mechanical guitar bridge system that keeps guitars in tune under any conditions. Using nothing but clever physics in combination with a system of springs and levers, EverTune maintains constant tension on each individual string, keeping the guitar in perfect tuning indefinitely.

New Body Contour

New Body Contour
Deeper cuts and newly adjusted horns provide a more aggressive and organic look to the KX700 Evertune, while giving players greater comfort and optimized playability.

Stainless Steel Frets

Stainless Steel Frets
Stainless steel frets boast excellent resistance to corrosion as well as greatly enhanced playability. The wide and tall fret-type offers a fast response, good articulation when playing chords, clear tone when playing single note lines and silky string bends.

Ebony Fingerboard

Ebony Fingerboard
There are many types of woods that are used for fingerboard but no other compares to the jet-black beauty and slick smoothness of Ebony.

5pcs Maple & Walnut Neck

5pcs Maple & Walnut Neck
The 5-piece maple and walnut neck not only provides strength and stability but a strong and focused sound in conjunction with the body’s acoustic resonance.

Spoke Nut Hotrod Trussrod

Spoke Nut Hotrod Trussrod
The spoke nut hotrod truss rod improves neck stability as well as ease of neck bow adjustment.

Luminlay Side Dots

Luminlay Side Dots
The Luminlay side dot position marks make it easy for players to see the fretboard position markers when performing on dark stages.

Cort Staggered Locking Tuners

Cort Staggered Locking Tuners
The locking tuners provide superb tuning stability by eliminating string slippage at the posts while facilitating quick string changes.

'Next Gen' Cort Logo

‘Next Gen’ Cort Logo
The modern and sleek design of the ‘Next Gen’ Cort logo was developed and applied to perfectly complement the aggressive styling of the X and KX Series.


BODY Mahogany
NUT WIDTH 1 11/16″ (43㎜)
NECK 5 pcs Maple & Walnut
Radius: 15.75″ (400㎜)
FRETS 24 (Stainless Steel Frets)
SCALE 25.5″ (648㎜)
INLAY Luminlay Side Dots
TUNERS Cort Staggered Locking Tuners
BRIDGE EverTune ET001F
PICKUPS Seymour Duncan Sentient & Nazgûl
ELECTRONICS 1 Volume & 1 Tone, 3 Way Toggle Switch
HARDWARE Black Nickel
STRINGS D’Addario EXL 110
ADDITIONAL ‘Next Gen’ Cort Logo






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