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Hohner M590016X Big River Harp Key C 590/20 Harmonica with Case


Buy at www.musicianscart.com Hohner M590016X Big River Harp Key C 590/20 Harmonica with Case,black plastic comb with recessed reed plates,concave-shaped body with a metallic coating and the side vents,twenty MS-type tabs,0.9 mm brass reed plates with coating,availability in all twelve major keys,concept and design, developed in Germany.

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Hohner M590016X Big River Harp Key C 590/20 Harmonica with Case

A little about your harmonica.

Harmonica – it’s natural globetrotter tool present in all musical genres: rock, pop, jazz, blues, folk, classical, and many others. Nowadays harmonic popular in virtually all styles of music, and a Hohner, the world’s largest Brand of high-quality harmonics proud that creates high-quality tools are already 150 years.

To continue this tradition, the brand staff put a lot of effort, time and resources in ongoing research and development. This allows them to offer high quality tools and improving this quality more and more. The purpose of the brand Hohner – offer a wide range of models to meet the needs of almost every musician. Working in close collaboration with the most famous professional players on the harp, the brand allows the employees to be aware of the needs of contemporary musicians.

The combination of the latest production technology with the know-how that has been cultivated for decades, allows Hohner guarantee a high quality standard in the future. Using special alloys for high-end production, using a special cane and accurate punching combined milling tools can be justified optimum sound quality and durability of the tools created.

Increasing the responsiveness of the individual notes in each main tone has convinced countless tiny, adolescents, adults and seniors, beginners and advanced players that Hohner harmonics can fully entrust their music.

MS Series from HOHNER

Abbreviation “” MS “” is a modular system concept, integrated in the harmonic design of the brand Hohner. All components of MS (covers, reed plates and ridges) are fully compatible, which allows the player to create their own combination to suit their individual tastes and requirements.

Live from the Mississippi Delta!

Experience the power of this harmonic, as it used to do Gender Diley.Model HOHNER Big river harp 590/20 C (M590016) – it is hardy and docile labor reliable “workhorse” that combines high German quality standards at a reasonable price with a plastic comb . MS version in the style of harmonic Marine Band – it is the perfect companion for everyday music-making, which can also take to the stage where it will be indispensable in the performance of your own blues or rock. Harmonic is available in all 12 keys, plus high G. Replacement reed plates are available separately.

Key features of the harmonics are presented:

  • black plastic comb with recessed reed plates;
  • concave-shaped body with a metallic coating and the side vents;
  • twenty MS-type tabs;
  • 0.9 mm brass reed plates with coating;
  • availability in all twelve major keys;
  • concept and design, developed in Germany.


  • Model Name: Big River Harp MS;
  • Type: diatonic;
  • Key: C;
  • Setting: Richter;
  • Number of holes: 10;
  • Number of reeds: 20;
  • Coating: stainless steel;
  • Colour: Metallic;
  • Reed plate (size): 0.9 mm;
  • Alloy plates: brass (nickel and copper);
  • The surface of the tongues: plates of brass;
  • Mouthpiece (cover): ABS;
  • Comb: ABS, black color;
  • Tool length: 10.5 cm.
Weight 0.2 kg


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