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Ibanez QX527PB ABS Q Standard Headless Electric Guitar 7 String with Gig Bag


Buy at www.musicianscart.com Ibanez QX527PB ABS Q Standard Headless Electric Guitar 7 String with Gig Bag ,Parallel Wizard-75pc Roasted Maple / Bubinga neck,top/back/body Poplar Burl topNyatoh body,Roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard Mother of Pearl Step off-set dot inlay,24 Jescar EVO Gold frets,Ibanez Mono-Tune bridge,string space 10.8mm,Q58-7 (H) neck pickup Passive/Alnico,Q58-7 (H) bridge pickup Passive/Alnico,factory tuning 1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E,7B,strings D’Addario XL110-7,string gauge .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046/.059,hardware color Cosmo black.

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Ibanez QX527PB ABS Q Standard Headless Electric Guitar 7 String with Gig Bag

Ibanez Q or Quest series is an entirely new concept for Ibanez. The “Quest” in this case was to not just to adapt an existing instrument into a headless design, but to develop an entirely new guitar from the ground up. This range features a number of unique elements intended to maximize tone, performance, and playing comfort. These include, custom designed R1 single coil and Q58 humbucker pickups, a new Mono-Tune bridge, and a proprietary custom string locking mechanism. The QX subseries is also equipped with innovative 8-degree inward slanted frets, uniquely tailoring their ergonomics to the benefit of highly technical players.


  • neck type    Parallel Wizard-7 5pc Roasted Maple/Bubinga neck
  • top/back/body    Poplar Burl top Nyatoh body
  • fretboard    Roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard Mother of Pearl Step off-set dot inlay
  • fret    Jescar EVO Gold frets
  • number of frets    24
  • bridge    Ibanez Mono-Tune bridge
  • string space    10.8mm
  • neck pickup    Q58-7 (H) neck pickup Passive/Alnico
  • bridge pickup    Q58-7 (H) bridge pickup Passive/Alnico
  • factory tuning    1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E,7B
  • strings    D’Addario XL110-7
  • string gauge    .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046/.059
  • hardware color    Cosmo black


  • Scale :    648mm/25.5″
  • a : Width    47mm at NUT
  • b : Width    67mm at 24F
  • c : Thickness    19mm at 1F
  • d : Thickness    19mm at 12F
  • Radius :    508mmR

QX52’s Switching system diagram

QX527PB’s control diagram


  • Recommended Case    MR500C
  • Gig bag included
  • dyna-MIX10 switching system w/Alter Switch
  • Ibanez Custom String Lock
  • Luminescent side dot inlay


Parallel Wizard 5pc Roasted Maple/Bubinga neck
The Parallel Wizard neck is 19mm thick all the way through the entire length. It provides an amazing fretting-hand experience for the players who prefer their instrument held in a higher playing position. The 5pc Roasted Maple/Bubinga construction also offers excellent stability and long-term durability.

Poplar Burl top / Nyatoh body
The Poplar Burl top features an exotic wood grain and the Nyatoh body provides a rich mid-low end.

Q58 H-H pickups
Q58 pickups are designed specifically for use in headless guitars. They provide a clearly defined sound, facilitating excellent tonal balance through all frequencies. The lows are powerful without being muddy, and the highs are bright and clear, but never harsh. As a result, every single note within the chord structure is well defined, and clearly audible. These pickups, with their tonal balance, and extremely low noise performance, work extremely well with both digital and analog effects.

Custom string lock
This custom string lock is one-piece unit that features very simple construction. This means the hardware requires less maintenance, is highly durable, and allows for very easy string changes. Additionally, no proprietary string is required, so you can continue to use your favorite gauge and brand.

Mono-Tune bridges
The Mono-Tune bridges offer a wide intonation range so that you can easily set the instrument up for tuning down a whole step or even further. The string height is also easily adjustable, and each saddle generally has less material, which leads to more natural and organic tone.

dyna-MIX10 switching system with Alter Switch
The dyna-MIX 10 offers ten sound variations and can easily switch from humbucker and single coil modes with the mini switch. The power Tap mode provides a realistic single coil sound despite its two humbucker pickup layout.

Slanted frets
All of the frets are equally slanted at an 8-degree angle. Many contemporary players tend to favor a much higher playing positon to execute more effectively, highly technical and intricate techniques like tapping, finger style, and even occasional bass-inspired slap riff. This higher position results in the four fretting fingers naturally tilting slightly inwards. This 8-degree inward tilt of the frets perfectly accommodates this and offers a more natural feeling and comfortably playing guitar.

Roasted Birdseye Maple fretboard
The beautiful Birdseye Maple fretboard imbues this model with an exotic appearance . The fretboard is heat-treated for a balanced attack and rich sustain.

Jescar EVO Gold frets
Jescar EVO gold frets are known for their bright tone, gorgeous appearance, and excellent features such as long-lasting durability and smooth note bending.

Ergonomic body design
The body features a number of strategically placed curves on both the top and back of the instrument. This complex, yet sophisticated design provides maximum playing comfort.

Compact and light-weight, yet resonant body
While it is really compact and light-weight, its non-chambered, solid body provides great sound with rich woody tones.


Weight 5.0000 kg




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