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Ibanez RGDIX6MRW CBF Premium Iron Label 6 String Electric Guitar


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Buy at www.musicianscart.com Ibanez RGDIX6MRW CBF Premium Iron Label 6 String Electric Guitar,neck type Nitro Wizard 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck,Rosewood top/Layered Ash body,Birdseye Maple fretboard,Jumbo frets,Gibraltar Standard II bridge,neck pickup DiMarzio Fusion Edge (H) neck pickup (Passive/Ceramic),bridge pickup DiMarzio Fusion Edge (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic).


Out of stock

Ibanez RGDIX6MRW CBF Premium Iron Label 6 String Electric Guitar


The RGD is Ibanez’s ultimate metal machine. The demands of down-tuning require a specifically designed responsiveness not found in “normal” guitars. To optimize for the rich, desirable thickness of tone that down-tuning produces, we extended the neck by one inch to a 26.5″ scale. Longer-than standard yet not overly long. The neck is still considered a “fast” neck for speed soloing. Extra-deep cutaways grant comfortable access to the necks highest notes.

  • CBF – Charcoal Brown Burst Flat
neck type Nitro Wizard 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck
body Rosewood top/Layered Ash body
fretboard Birdseye Maple fretboard
fret Jumbo frets
bridge Gibraltar Standard II bridge
neck pickup DiMarzio® Fusion Edge (H) neck pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
bridge pickup DiMarzio® Fusion Edge (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
factory tuning 1D, 2A, 3F, 4C, 5G, 6D
string gauge .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046

Neck Dimensions

Scale : 673mm/26.5″
a : Width 43mm at NUT
b : Width 58mm at 24F
c : Thickness 19mm at 1F
d : Thickness 21mm at 12F
Radius : 400mmR




  • MP100C


  • Gotoh® MG-T locking machineheads


Nitro Wizard Neck

Legendary Super-thin, ultra-playable neck with road-tested durability.

Birdseye Maple fretboard


DiMarzio® Fusion Edge Pickups

Through close collaboration between Ibanez and DiMarzio®-Fusion Edge pickups have been engineered to produce a powerful, distinctive tone with a crisp, cutting high end, and a tight, compressed bottom end, minus any muddy mid-range.

Gibraltar Standard II Bridge

The Gibraltar Standard II is a simple fixed bridge that was designed to unify with the guitar’s body and provide optimal transfer of each string’s vibration. Smooth surface is designed to maximize playing comfort.

Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads

The Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads achieve incredible tuning stability, cutting down string-changing time.

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