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Ibanez S621QM DEB S Standard Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag


Buy at www.musicianscart.com Ibanez S621QM DEB S Standard Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag,neck type Wizard III Maple neck,top-back-body Quilted Maple top Meranti body,Rosewood fretboard Off-set white dot inlay,24 Jumbo frets,F106 bridge,string space 10.5mm,Quantum (H) neck pickup Passive-Ceramic,Quantum (H) bridge pickup Passive-Ceramic,hardware color Black


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Ibanez S621QM DEB S Standard Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag

The cutting edge of Ibanez design, the S series continues to be a marvel of form and function. Its signature body shape – sculpted, lightweight, and mahogany – is stronger and more musically responsive than guitars weighing twice as much. The S series is still a rock ‘n’ roll version of a quick, graceful, and potentially lethal weapon.

neck type Wizard III Maple neck
top/back/body Quilted Maple top Meranti body
fretboard Rosewood fretboard Off-set white dot inlay
fret Jumbo frets
number of frets 24
bridge F106 bridge
string space 10.5mm
neck pickup Quantum (H) neck pickup Passive/Ceramic
bridge pickup Quantum (H) bridge pickup Passive/Ceramic
factory tuning 1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E
strings D’Addario EXL110
string gauge .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046
hardware color Black

Neck Dimension

Scale : 648mm/25.5″
a : Width 43mm at NUT
b : Width 58mm at 24F
c : Thickness 19mm at 1F
d : Thickness 21mm at 12F
Radius : 400mmR

switching humbucker is paralel

S621QM’s Switching system diagram

5 Way Pu Selector

S621QM’s control diagram

Recommended Case M300C
Recommended Bag IGB540-BK



F106 bridge
The F106 bridge enriches sustain. String height adjustment can be done easily and independently.

Rosewood fretboard

Rosewood fretboard
Rosewood provides a well-balanced solid tone with a focused mid range.

Wizard III Maple neck

Wizard III Maple neck
Ibanez’s thin, flat and fast Wizard neck is strong and sturdy and offers unlimited playability and features a two-octave 24-fret fretboard for a wide tonal range.

Quantum H-H pickups

Quantum pickups
The Quantum pickups provide accelerated bass response for exceptionally fast tracking of high-speed staccato riffing with crushing mid range and precise high-end articulation.






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