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Mesa Boogie Express 5:25+ 1×12 Combo – 1.251PX.BB.F

Mesa Boogie

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Mesa Boogie Express 5:25+ 1×12 Combo – 1.251PX.BB.F

MESA / BOOGIE amplifiers makes this series the name of the program: the EXPRESS series is characterized by particularly simple operation and authentic, hit-compatible basic sounds – without the player must have to look the correct settings.
The new, revised EXPRESS + model is based on the known EXPRESS models, but was extended to four new features:
● Improved CLEAN mode in channel 1 gives the EXPRESS + more transparency in the upper tones with a warm bass. In addition, the signal to noise ratio has been improved in this mode.

1 x 12 “V30 speaker
Open Back
Pre amp tubes:
5 x 12AX7
Power Tubes:
2 x EL84 (simple tube replacement due to fixed BIAS)
Per channel 3 different selectable amplifier output: 5 watts (1 x EL-84 Class A Single Ended), 15 watts (2 x EL-84 Class A push-pull), 25 watt (2 x EL-84 Class A / B)
2 independent channels (Channel 1: Clean / Crunch, Channel 2: Blues / Burn) controls per channel: gain, bass, mid, treble, reverb, master, preset depth, Graphic EQ On / Off / FS, multi-watt
Solo level control (footswitchable), 5-band graphic EQ or graphic EQ preset with Depth control for each channel selectable
Spring reverb on 12AX7 tube
Serial effects loop
Guitar Input, Footswitch, External switch inputs (for channel 1/2, reverb, EQ, solo), speaker outputs (2 x 4 ohms, 1 x 8 ohms)
4-button footswitch (Channel 1/2, reverb, EQ, solo)
45 x 48.5 x 28.5 cm (H x W x D approx dimensions not guaranteed)
20.5 kg (about without guarantee)
Housing cover: Black Taurus, grill: Black
CLEAN: This mode has four modes of the lowest in the Express gain values, and is tuned to deliver wonderfully warm and sparkling clean tones for chord accompaniments. The clean mode also has the greatest dynamic range, because the signal is compressed in any way of additional gain, such as is the case in the other three modes. Because of this traditional reinforcement behavior are many players who are looking for a vintage smooth sound in the Express, to be at home here. At higher settings of the gain control of this mode produces fantastic lead sounds of the old school. CRUNCH: This mode is perfect for accompanying game is distorted. He also controls a lot more than the CLEAN mode, but the dynamic range is largely maintained. So it sounds in the lower range (9 to 12 clock) pleasantly clean, and can therefore also be used very well as Deputy clean sound, with a bit more aggressive mids and a little less gloss than height CLEAN. Between 12 and 14:30 incurred by classic rock rhythm sounds. This sound is overdriven, crunchy and forcefully, but not overloaded or saturated. From 14:30 to 17:30 maximum setting of the sound is then increasingly fuller, thicker and creamier. This area is great for solo sounds with increased pressure: There is more than enough overdrive available, but still the sound remains tight in the track.
BLUES: The second channel is more coined for single note soloing, although both modes are also useful in this channels rhythm game for as long as the GAIN control to remain in the lower areas. BLUES is the mode with the lower gain of two and dominates the area between the CLEAN and CRUNCH. It provides the classic sound palette of the old school, which is regulated by a warm clean sound with soft Anzerrung up to a howling lead sound. BURN: This is the mode with the highest gain of all modes in the express and only He characterizes channel 2 as the lead channel. Tight and focused – and yet with vocal quality. BURN offers the ultimate in expressive high-gain. In the lower path (between 8:30 and 9:30) the gain knob you will find a narrow range, which – just a little fatter and richer – overlaps with the peak area of the BLUES mode. There are exciting blues and “Roots” sound for solos game. But the similarities stop right here and there follows a long distance with amazing rock sounds in the middle of the gain knob (9:45 to 14:00). From Here (14:15 to 17:30) the blazing intensity of this channel is off the leash. Legato and fluid, but with radiant clarity and sustain.

NEW: The EQ section provides two ways to shape the sound beyond the usual tone controls:
choose the classic 5-band graphic equalizer or pre-V curve, which is adjustable in intensity over the preset depth control for each channel. The setting can be activated automatically when you select the channel – or turn the selected EQ via the foot switch on and off.


NEW: The patented Multi-Watt power setting can be selected per channel in 3 stages now! Express 5:25 +• 5 Watt (1 x EL-84 tubes, single-ended Class A) • 15 watts (2 x EL-84 Tubes, Class A push-pull) • 25 watts (2 x EL-84 tubes, class A / B)

NEW: The SOLO control provides a variable in volume, footswitchable volume boost to come to the fore with a solo or a particularly important passage.

NEW: 4-button footswitch for channel switching, reverb, EQ & Solo
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