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Tama Double Tom Stand HTW39W Stage Master Series


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 Tama Double Tom Stand HTW 39 W Stage Master series

Stage Master Double Tom Stand HTW39W
•25.4mm diameter base section tubing
•Double braced legs
•Omni-ball tom angle adjustment


Omni-ball Tom Angle Adjustment
With its rock solid stability, TAMAs Omni-ball system has been acclaimed by pro drummers for well over twenty years. You can achieve almost any angle by loosening one T-nut.


Noiseless Design (US. PAT.NO.6454483)
Are cymbal stands just for supporting cymbals? We think cymbal stands are also musical instruments. All TAMA cymbal stands in the Roadpro and Stage Master lineups were designed with the elimination of stand noise a top priority. A special rubber cap (A) at the end of the upper tube eliminates swaying and rattling, and a special nylon sleeve (B) underneath the die-cast joint of the base section further reduces swaying.


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