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Tama HS800W Roadpro Snare Stand


Buy at www.musicianscart.com Tama HS800W Roadpro Snare Stand, Roadpro Snare Stand,For 12″ to 15″ Diameter Snare Drums,28.6mm Diameter Base Section Tubing,Omni-Ball Tilter,Gride-Tite Grip Joint,Swiveling Basket,Double Braced Legs,Weight: 3.4kg (7.7lbs),Height Adjustment Range: 495mm – 665mm (19 1/2″ – 26 3/8″)

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Tama HS800W Roadpro Snare Stand

Snare Stands
The heart of the drum kit requires strength and durability. TAMA’s snare stands deliver on every level with professional, modern, and vintage style models.


Escape Claw
You can mount this Hoop Grip on various shaped hoops by adjusting the position of the claw on the upper side ? simply loosen the hexagon socket head bolt and slide the claw to adjust.

Omni-ball Tilter
Omni-ball Tilter
The use of TAMA’s legendary Omni-ball system provides the same flexible yet stable angle settings found on TAMA tom stands.

Swiveling Basket (US.PAT.NO.6384308)
Asymmetrically spaced basket arms allow an 8 or 10 lug drum to be held without interference with its strainer, butt or lugs. Since the basket rotates independently from the stand, you can place the strainer in any position needed.

Nylon Washers
By inserting nylon washers into the leg stand joints we have improved durability and made the leg action much smoother!

Glide-Tite Grip Joint (US.PAT.NO.9631656)
Our new Glide-Tite Grip Joint allows for a more secure attachment by using a metal-to-metal contact point. This provides an extremely solid anchor and complete isolation for a tom or cymbal. Because the stand does not move with the instrument, the natural resonance of that instrument is maximized.


Model No.HS800W
Model Name Roadpro Snare Stand

•For 12″ to 15″ Diameter Snare Drums
•28.6mm Diameter Base Section Tubing
•Omni-Ball Tilter
•Gride-Tite Grip Joint
•Swiveling Basket
•Double Braced Legs
•Weight: 3.4kg (7.7lbs)
•Height Adjustment Range: 495mm – 665mm (19 1/2″ – 26 3/8″)

Weight 2 kg


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