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Tama Superstar Custom Hyperdrive SL52HXZBNS – SCY 5 Pcs Drum Kit


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Out of stock

Tama SL52HXZBNS Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive

Power. Flexibility. Visibility. With TAMA Hyper-Drive kits, your audience will hear your every note and see your every move. Hyper-Drive’s unique and perfect combination of modern and traditional drum sizes offers sonic power with clarity, unparalleled set-up flexibility, and complete performance visibility.

Our highest priority feature when developing the Superstar series was sound. Superstar shells use birch for the main inner ply for strong projection and aggressive open sound. To enhance Superstar’s great looks, basswood, with its excellent consistency and regular grain patterns, is utilized for the inner ply on all Superstar shells as well as the outer ply on Superstar Custom SL. Precisely cut bearing edges bring out the great response and powerful resonance of these superbly crafted shells.

Hyper-Drive is the new standard depth size on tom toms. Its short depth creates enhanced attack, punchy sound, and quick response. And more it allows you to set up the rack toms in lower position. So, you can post the tom toms more freely.

In Superstar Hyper-Drive, the 20″x22″ Ultra Deep bass drum size is now available. This size provides thunderous low end combined with maximum resonance.

Tama Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive (SL52HXZBNS) Features:

  • Birch ShellsBass Drum : 7ply, 7mm
  • Tom Tom, Floor Tom & Snare Drum : 6ply, 6mm
  • Hyper-Drive Toms
  • Star-Cast Mounting System
  • Black Nickel Shell Hardware
  • 20″ “Ultra Deep” Bass Drums
  • Die-Cast Hoops (Black Nickel Plated)
  • Sound Bridge High-Tension Lugs
  • Power Craft Drumheads

Tama Superstar Custom Hyper-Drive (SL52HXZBNS) Includes:

  • 22x20in Bass Drum
  • 10×6.5in & 12x7in Rack Toms
  • 16x14in Floor Tom
  • 13x6in Snare Drum
  • MTH900AS Tom Arm x2
  • MC61 Multi Clamp x2
  • HS70WN Snare Stand
  • HC72WN Straight Cymbal Stand
  • HC73BWN Boom Cymbal Stand
  • HH75WN Hi-Hat Stand
  • HP300 Bass Drum Pedal



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