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Tama Wide Rider Trio HT530 Drum Throne


Buy at www.musicianscart.com Tama Wide Rider Trio HT530 Drum Throne ,Sit Tight & Rocklok,1st Chair Height Adjustment,Foot Life,Trio (3-leg) Leg Styles,Seat Dimension



Buy at www.musicianscart.com Tama Wide Rider Trio Series Drum Throne HT530

Wide Rider Trio

TAMAs most popular 1st Chair throne employs a saddle-type seat filled with molded urethane foam that will hold its shape for years to come. 12mm thick plywood at the bottom of the seat provides extra strength and security. The Wide Rider seat is available with a durable PVC seat (HT530) or a special fabric cloth top (HT530C).
Details:Height adjustable range : 450mm-640mm (17 3/4″ – 25″)

Sit Tight & Rocklok (US. PAT.NO.5842742)
No more wobbling! TAMAs original “Sit Tight” seat clamp securely grips the thrones upper rod with the same durable aluminum die-cast clamp used in TAMA s famous Multi-Clamps.
TAMAs “Rocklok” features a specially designed Nylon Bushing at the bottom of the thrones threaded rod that prevents side-to-side motion within the base.
Both these special features provide exceptional durability and stability.
(The Sit Tight seat clamp fits 19.1mm to 25.4mm rods.)

1st Chair Height Adjustment (US. PAT.NO.5722627)

1st Chair thrones offer the best of both worlds-the exact height adjustment of threaded rod thrones with the fast adjustment of T-bolted systems:

1. Loosen the bolt (B) and raise the threaded rod to the approximate desired height (its not necessary to get the exact height at this point).

2. Screw the Height lock (A) down to the top of the nylon bushing.

3. If a minor adjustment is necessary, simply turn the Height lock or rotate the seat.

4. Tighten the bolt (B) firmly.

Foot Life
Its tough to imagine just how much weight and stress is on the rubber feet of your stand-until you see how often you have to keep replacing them. Not so with Foot Life. An innovative plastic leg attachment, Foot Life eliminates the wear and tear of metal to metal contact for longer foot life.
Trio (3-leg) Leg Styles
For players who prefer a traditional tripod base, 1st Chairs Trio 3-leg base is 32mm wider in diameter than the original for even greater stability. In addition, a lower base is also available with the HT630CS Round Rider Low. All the throne bases are available individually so almost every player can add the advantages of these designs to their existing thrones.

Seat Dimension
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