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Ibanez RGA42HPQM BIG RGA Standard Series Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag


Buy at www.musicianscart.com Ibanez RGA42HPQM BIG RGA Standard Series Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag,Wizard III Roasted Maple neck,top/back/body Quilted Maple topNyatoh body,Jatoba fretboardOff-set white dot inlay,24 Jumbo frets,F106 bridge,DiMarzio Fusion Edge (H) neck pickup Passive/Ceramic,DiMarzio Fusion Edge (H) bridge pickup Passive/Ceramic,Plastic nut,hardware color Black.

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Ibanez RGA42HPQM BIG RGA Standard Series Electric Guitar 6 Strings with Gig Bag


Nothing breathes inspiration into your playing like the feel of a precision made instrument, capable of interpreting your every move with power and accuracy. Enter the Ibanez RGA— a solid body specifically built to handle the heaviest, most physically demanding music you can conjure up. The RGA’s unique, sleekly sculpted top offers unrestricted playability for full-thottle power chording or heavy riffing without fear of digging into the body.

FINISHES BIG : Blue Iceberg Gradation
neck type Wizard III / Roasted Maple neck
top/back/body Quilted Maple top / Nyatoh body
fretboard Jatoba fretboard w/Off-set white dot inlay
fret 24 Jumbo frets
bridge F106 bridge
string space 10.5mm
neck pickup DiMarzio Fusion Edge (H) neck pickup Passive/Ceramic
bridge pickup DiMarzio Fusion Edge (H) bridge pickup Passive/Ceramic
factory tuning 1E, 2B, 3G, 4D, 5A, 6E
string gauge .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046
strings D’Addario EXL110
string gauge .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046
nut Plastic nut
hardware color Black


Scale : 648mm/25.5″
a : Width 43mm at NUT
b : Width 58mm at 24F
c : Thickness 19mm at 1F
d : Thickness 21mm at 12F
Radius : 400mmR





  •     Recommended Case M300C
  •     Recommended Bag IGB540-BK
  •     Coil-tap switch
  •     Luminescent side dots



Wizard III Roasted Maple neck

Ibanez’s thin, flat and fast Wizard neck is strong and sturdy and offers unlimited playability and features a two-octave 24-fret fretboard for a wide tonal range.

Jatoba Fretboard
Jatoba has a reddish brown color which produces a rich mid range with a crisp high end.

Coil-tap switch
The coil tap switch adds sound and tonal variations for both pickups.

DiMarzio Fusion Edge Pickups
Through close collaboration between Ibanez and DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups have been engineered to produce a powerful, distinctive tone with a crisp, cutting high end, and a tight, compressed bottom end, minus any muddy mid-range.

Luminescent side dot inlays
The luminescent side dot position marks make it easy for players to see fretboard position marks when performing on dark stages.
Weight 5.0000 kg




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