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Cort The Black Tree LB Light Burst Satin Grand Auditorium Body Solid Flamed Blackwood with L.R. Baggs Anthem Electro Acoustic Guitar with Hardcase

Buy at www.musicianscart.com Cort The Black Tree LB Light Burst Satin Grand Auditorium Body Solid Flamed Blackwood with L.R. Baggs Anthem Electro Acoustic Guitar with Hardcase,Master Grade All Solid Flamed Blackwood,Grand Auditorium Body Shape,Blackwood Flower Inlays,L.R. Baggs Anthem,Ebony Bridge & Pins,Hand-Rolled Fret Edge Treatment,Ergo-A Asymmetric Neck Profile,New Neck Scale & Nut Width,Bevel Cut Armrest,Walnut Reinforced Neck,Gotoh 510Z Gold Tuner,Graph Tech Black TUSQ Nut.

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Cort The Black Tree LB Light Burst Satin Grand Auditorium Body Solid Flamed Blackwood with L.R. Baggs Anthem Electro Acoustic Guitar with Hardcase

The Black Tree LB -Light Burst Satin
The meticulously detailed inlays of beautiful blackwood flowers on its fretboard and headstock is what differentiates The Black Tree the most from the rest of the lineup. Often categorized as exotic wood, Blackwood is a member of the wattle family that is similar to Koa for its grandeur wood grain patterns and tonal characteristics. Built with Master Grade solid flamed Blackwood and shaped into a Grand Auditorium body shape, The Black Tree boasts a perfect balance between tonal spectrum, superb body resonance, and artistic aesthetics.


Master Grade All Solid Flamed Blackwood

Master Grade All Solid Flamed Blackwood
The characteristic of the blackwood is similar to an ideal blend of several tonewoods. Rich low-end of mahogany, the brightness of maple and the ethereal overtones of rosewood. Blackwood is good for both strumming and fingerpicking, with responsive clarity and power that comes from its dense characteristics.

Grand Auditorium Body Shape

Grand Auditorium Body Shape
With dimensions of 4 5/8″(117㎜) body depth, upper bout width at 11 1/2″(292㎜) and lower bout width at 16″(405㎜), the Auditorium body size is perfectly in between the large Dreadnought and the more intimate Grand Concert. This makes the Auditorium body type ideal for both strumming/flatpicking and fingerstyle playing and suits the versatile acoustic player who prefers to have one guitar to cover a variety of sounds and playing styles.

Blackwood Flower Inlays

Blackwood Flower Inlays
Native to southern Australia, the blackwood flowers bloom between July and December forming spherical flower-heads that contain 30 to 50 densely packed pale yellow to nearly white colored flowers. Walnut and maple wood were used to meticulously decorate the highly detailed flower and leaves design, and can be found blooming on fretboard and headstock.

L.R. Baggs® Anthem

L.R. Baggs Anthem
The L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup/preamp system delivers the pure acoustic vibrations of the instrument to the amplifier and PA without any coloration. Unneeded feedback can also be easily and effectively controlled through minimalistic controls that do not interfere with the look of the instrument.

Ebony Bridge & Pins

Ebony Bridge & Pins
The high density of ebony keeps the fundamental acoustic sound focused and tight with greater sonic projection than plastic, enhancing the transfer of the string vibrations throughout the soundboard top, body and the neck.

Hand-Rolled Fret Edge Treatment

Hand-Rolled Fret Edge Treatment
The shaping and treatment of a guitar’s frets have a big impact on comfort and performance. Most guitar makers simply bevel the frets at each end to eliminate the sharp edges. Boutique acoustic builders, however, use a method to dress their frets to make them round, smooth, and ultra-comfortable to touch and play. This process is highly complex and time-consuming and requires the skilled workmanship of experienced craftsmen.

Ergo-A Asymmetric Neck Profile

Ergo-A Asymmetric Neck Profile
A completely redesigned asymmetric neck profile is designed for The Black Tree, giving experienced players and enthusiasts alike a comfortable ergonomic playing experience that is optimized for various playing styles.

New Neck Scale & Nut Width

New Neck Scale & Nut Width
The Black Tree features a 25.5”(648㎜) neck scale with 1 3/4”(44.5㎜) nut width widely regarded as the ‘golden standard’ among fingerstyle players for its optimal string spacing and string tension.

Bevel Cut Armrest

Bevel Cut Armrest
To enhance comfort and playability, custom bevel cuts for the arm rest and rib rest were implemented. Not only do these cuts provide ergonomic functionality, they provide a unique high-end look not often found on high-end acoustic guitars.

Walnut Reinforced Neck

Walnut Reinforced Neck
Using two special inserts made of more rigid walnut, the neck on the The Black Tree has been reinforced for added rigidity and stability to withstand various types of fingerstyle playing.

Gotoh® 510Z Gold Tuner

Gotoh 510Z Gold Tuner
Featuring an extremely precise 21:1 tuning ratio, these tuners feel solid and ultra-smooth at the same time. The elegant and streamlined knobs also reduce fatigue during the tuning process. You will feel the quality of these tuners the moment you start tuning the guitar.

Graph Tech® Black TUSQ Nut

Graph Tech Black TUSQ Nut
Preferred by many guitar makers and players for rich tone and sustain, the TUSQ is an advanced polymer that’s formed under high heat and pressure for uniform density. It’s designed to transfer string energy more efficiently, and to make guitars come alive with enhanced harmonics, volume and sustain.

CONSTRUCTION Dovetail Neck Joint
CUTAWAY Venetian
BODY Grand Auditorium
NUT WIDTH 1 3/4″ (44.5㎜)
TOP Solid Flamed Blackwood (Master Grade)
BACK & SIDES Solid Flamed Blackwood (Master Grade)
NECK Walnut Reinforced Mahogany
(Ergo-A Asymmetric Neck Profile)
BINDING Flamed Maple
SCALE 25.5″ (648㎜)
INLAY Custom Black Tree Inlay
TUNERS Gotoh SGL510Z Gold
ROSETTE Flamed Maple
BRIDGE Ebony w/ Ebony Pins
PICKUPS L.R Baggs Element
STRINGS D’Addario EXP16 Light
BRACING Hand Scalloped X-Bracing
SPECIAL Beveled Armrest
Graph Tech Black TUSQ Nut
ADDITIONAL Hard Case Included


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