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Tama Swingstar S52H5C – MNB 5 Pcs Drum Kit + Cymbals + Double Braced Stands


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Buy at www.musicianscart.com Tama Swingstar S52H5C – MNB 5 Pcs Drum Kit + Cymbals + Double Braced Stands,18″x22″ Bass Drum,8″x10″ Tom Tom,9″x12″ Tom Tom,14″x16″ Floor Tom,5″x14″ Snare Drum,Double Tom Holder,Boom Cymbal Stand,Snare Stand,Hi-Hat Stand,Drum Pedal,Drum Throne,Cymbals hi-hat 14″+18″ Crash Ride


Out of stock

Tama Swingstar S52H5C – MNB 5 Pcs Drum Kit + Cymbals + Double Braced Stands

The only thing that was “entrty-level” about the TAMA Swingstar drums of the 2000s was the price.
And now, they’re back!!

The new Swingstar series comes with the legendary Omni-ball tom holder as well as hardware with double braced legs for increased stability. The bass drum features pre-installed heads equipped with an O-ring muffler and Accu-Tune hoop which make it easy to get a balanced sound right away.
The drums you want at an unbeatable price – the Swingstar series rules again!

Even more high-end features!

This new Tama Swingstar kit features an 18×22 inch bass drum, which is currently the most popular bass drum size in the high-end drum market, Accel-sized toms. The new bass drum delivers a huge sound with massive depth and bottom.

Swingstar kits also feature a wood snare, Accu-Tune bass drum hoops, the same exacting shell standards as Tamas high end pro kits, and the legendary Omniball tom holder. The rock solid Omniball system has been acclaimed by pro drummers for well over twenty years. You can achieve almost any angle by simply loosening one T-bolt. Swingstars shells are crafted of six plies of Philippine mahogany for warm sound, excellent projection, and structural strength.

Swingstar stands now feature double braced legs and a 25.4mm diameter tube that provides a lower center of gravity for more stability. This kit also includes an extra cymbal stand (a boom and a straight cymbal stand)

Tamas Accu-Tune hoops have it all. Their hi-tech material offers lighter weight, and faster, more stable tuning than traditional metal hoops. Since Accu-Tune hoops use tension bolts instead of clawhooks and Trods, head changes and packing up are a breeze.

A special groove at the bottom of the hoop offers easy and secure pedal connection even when the bass drum is angled.

18″x22″ Bass Drum 1
8″x10″ Tom Tom 1
9″x12″ Tom Tom 1
14″x16″ Floor Tom 1
5″x14″ Snare Drum 1
Double Tom Holder 1
Boom Cymbal Stand 1
Snare Stand 1
Hi-Hat Stand 1
Drum Pedal 1
Drum Throne 1

Included Hardware and Cymbals

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